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About Wireless Instruments Sp. z o. o.

Wireless Instruments Ltd. was founded in 2010 as the effort of the professionals working at the IT trade for many years. We consolidate the experience from few IT sections targetting for the wireless communications on few telecomunication systems. Wireless Instruments Ltd. Products are desired especially for communications companies, which are looking for the ergonomic and universal products with good performances. Our main goal is making products to meet the expectations of the demanding customers by offering ergonomic, high quality and very practical products. The company, apart from the standard offer available on the www, offers also antenna sets for custom requests, for example multi-band antennas with a special compartment for suitable electronic stuff installation. First of all our aim is the high quality, durability and ergonomics, our team, supported by the IT installators, designs our products the way to troublefree utilization and fast installation, which doesn’t need many installation tools. We provide our customers with the possibility of designing custom projects for special requests, e.g. for specified frequency range. We have designed the unique box series - WiBOX, under the auspices of the European Union, they are desired for the utilization on the client side and as the base stations as well.

Military Center for Standarization, Quality and Codification organization granted (27.08.2013) Wireless Instruments Sp. z o.o. with the certificate of NCAGE (NATO Commercial and Government Entity Code) code of 2474H number. This code indentifies our company in NCS (NATO Codification System). Achieved code permit the participation in restricted tenders, only for bidders offering their services or products for NATO structures. Simultaneously our company has been added to NATO Master Catalogue of References for Logistics, due to this fact the states participating in NATO Codification System have access to view company info and detailed specifications of its products.

Monday, 8th May 2023

Wireless Instruments is excited to introduce our new line of outdoor antennas, operating within the impressive wide band frequency range of 600MHz to 6000MHz.

Monday, 13th February 2023

Wireless Instruments proudly announces that it has been honored with the highly coveted Forbes Diamonds 2023 award. This prestigious accolade serves as a testament to the company´s unwavering dedication to achieving remarkable growth and success in today´s competitive business landscape.