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Antenna for MIMOSA A5C
Produkty styczeń 24, 2017


Wireless Instruments sp. z o.o. company has launched the new antenna WiBOX SA D4M49-90-16X Slim NF dedicated to be used with the newest Mimosa A5C unit. 

“With the fastest client speeds, access point capacity are combined with local and network wide spectrum reuse, the Mimosa A5c delivers the highest possible scale for any unlicensed fixed wireless network.” – Mimosa website 

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Artykuły grudzień 8, 2015

Wireless Instruments Ltd. has been asked for preparing special MIMO 6x6 antennas for Fortinet/Meru OAP832e with parameters specified by the customer. 

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How to connect antennas of WiBOX SA D4M5-90-17HVX, WiBOX PA D4M5-20HVX and WiBOX PA D4M6-20HVX in MIMO 3x3 and MIMO 4x4 configurations
Jak to zrobić ? grudzień 22, 2014

The standard of 802.11n offers the connection in MIMO technology. There is a possibility to use 1-4 polarizations in that standard. These days the most popular are 2x2 connections using Horizontal and Vertical polarizations. For more than 2 antennas to separate radio streams there are needed more polarization options. We achieve them by the rotation of antennas achieving X polarity, so simply speaking means +45 and -45 deg polarity (with relation to V or H polarity).

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802.11n standard - essentials, advantages and changes
Technologia sierpień 12, 2014

From every time users have been looking for the solutions with better reliability level, bigger coverage and higher throughput of course. The start of 802.11 system had been launched in 1997 by IEEE. This system worked at the 2,4 GHz frequency band and was unable to be used in most of available applications because of a very low throughput (up to 2Mbps only).

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Reliable and non-problematic solutions for long distance links at 2x2 802.11n standard
Technologia listopad 10, 2013

Users are going to look for the solutions which can ensure long distance connections with stable operation. One of the most popular solutions in this matter is PowerBridge M5 made by Ubiquiti company.

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New version of WiBOX Medium enclosure
Produkty sierpień 24, 2016

Wireless Instruments Ltd. is going to launch new slim version of all available WiBOX IP67 waterproof enclosures. WiBOX Medium Slim will be available as the first product of the slim series of WiBOX enclosures.

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Indoor/outdoor solutions for CISCO Aironet 1602e, 2602e, 2702e, 3602e, 3702e
Artykuły październik 8, 2015

CISCO users face the problem of right antennas for concurrent dual-band high-density Access Points. The point is to use concurrent dual-band technology, where one connector supports both 2,4 and 5 GHz signal. 


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New antenna products for LTE, WiMAX and Wi-Fi MIMO 3x3
Produkty wrzesień 10, 2014

Wireless Instruments is pleased to introduce new innovative dual polarity client and sector wifi antennas.These new designs are implemented to WiBOX antenna boxes to enable possibility to easy integrate wlan antennas with the electronic hardware like MikroTik or Ubiquity embeded solutions.

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What gives us MIMO X-polarity system ?
Jak to zrobić ? luty 1, 2014

At the beginning it’s important to determine the definition of X-polarity. In our case X-polarity is slant +/- 45 deg polarization, so simply speaking means MIMO antenna rotated of 45 deg. This technique is used for example in 3x3 and 4x4 antennas in 802.11n standard or in more complex standards as 802.11ac.

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Wireless Instruments Ltd. launched the new antenna for 3G HSDPA / 4G LTE / GSM systems
Produkty marzec 15, 2016

The goal was to achieve the universal antenna covering all available LTE bands being used by the mobile operators, so LTE700 (in development), LTE800, LTE1800, LTE2100, LTE2300 and LTE2600. 

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Comparison of point-to-point solutions based on MikroTik RouterBoards in the standard of 802.11n
Badania i testy maj 26, 2015

The aim of that comparison is to show alternative solutions in the group of point-to-point devices for low-cost products like SEXTANT (RBSEXTANTG5HPnD). On the market there is not too much ready to use devices with medium antenna gain to create point-to-point connections. Devices like SEXTANT can be used also as the client device in places where SXT devices are too weak to achieve acceptable signal strenght.

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Moscow subway WiBOX antenna with Cisco MIMO 4x4 Access Points installation
Opowieści klientów sierpień 20, 2014

One of our Customers faced the problem of increasing the real throughput in the communication in the Moscow subway. They needed connection between a moving train and stationary points in a tunnel, with NLOS conditions and roaming between APs in the tunnel. The system is based on the Cisco 5 GHz Access Points of Cisco Aironet 3600 Series AP units and WiBOX PA D4M5-20HVX MIMO 4x4 directional antennas. The installation has been done at the standard of 802.11n on MIMO 4x4 technology (exactly with 3SS + one stream for a beamforming).

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Can You imagine link over 300 Mbps with RouterBoard and MIMO 2x2 antenna ?
Opowieści klientów styczeń 16, 2014

One of our local Customers was looking for an efficient radio link for a short distance of 520m. We offered him our new MIMO 2x2 antennas of WIBOX PA M5-20HV. The Customer installed RouterBoards 800 with R52nM in the antenna boxes

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Wtorek, 11 lutego 2020

Wireless Instruments ma przyjemność zaprezentowania innowacyjnych anten klienckich i bazowych (sektorowych) do zastosowań w segmencie wifi. Nowe projekty są oferowane w obudowach WiBOX, zapewniając łatwą i szybką integrację anten wifi z elektroniką radiową jak np. Mikrotik czy Ubiquiti.

Czwartek, 1 sierpnia 2019

We are glad to inform that we establish new brand QuWireless - www.quwireless.com for LTE antennas dedicated to industrial routers and gateways from Teltonika